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Tooth decay and traumatic injuries can wear down the structures of a tooth, exposing the blood vessels and nerves inside it to harmful bacteria. Without the use of a restorative treatment that completely restructures it, a tooth may eventually be lost to these conditions. To make sure your teeth survive cavities and crackS.

How Crowns Improve Your Health

The visible portion of your tooth is subject to pressures and bacteria daily. These can cause the cracks and cavities that threaten their health.

Crowns are caps that cover the above-gum structure for two main reasons.

First, by providing a durable exterior that holds the rest of the tooth together, the crown builds the tooth back up and closes any cracks which had formed in it. Second, the crown fully seals off sensitive inner tissues from the bacteria and acids which cause cavities. The prosthetic crown restores a tooth that has experienced decay, covers the cracks caused by an injury, and reconstructs a tooth treated by root canal therapy.

Dr. Barnes places crowns with great precision. He makes sure that your tooth is fully covered by the prosthetic to create the necessary bacteria-proof seal and fully rebuild its structure. With this treatment, a tooth can be saved from continued discomfort and the risk of being lost.

The Benefits of Porcelain

Dr. Barnes offers crowns made of a variety of materials, each of which has a different impact on how the tooth will look after treatment and how durable it will be. While our dentist will customize your treatment to meet your exact needs, He finds that most smiles are best served by crowns made entirely out of dental porcelain.

Excluding situations where additional pressures affect the smile, a porcelain crown provides the same long-term durability benefits that other materials could. The difference is that porcelain has the same coloration and translucence as natural enamel. In other words, a porcelain crown looks indistinguishable from an untreated natural tooth. By getting a crown made entirely of ceramic, you get to maintain a smile that is both healthy and beautiful.

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